About Modern Fire Instructor...

Modern Fire Instructor (MFI)
is deeply rooted in over four decades of dedicated service to the Fire & EMS community. We understand the integral roles that Paramedics, Firefighters, and Captains play, as we've been forged from these very foundations.

At the heart of our business is an unwavering commitment to the power of education, advanced technology, and the development of efficient systems that make you a more effective and competitive fire professional.

Recognizing the hurdles faced by many Instructors & Training Officers in sourcing the right support and resources, Modern Fire Instructor emerged as a beacon for those seeking to sculpt a rewarding and growth focused career in the fire service.

One of the primary challenges we observed was the difficulty in finding like-minded professionals who shared challenges, goals, and the ambition to create a harmonious balance between a thriving career and family life.

Our solution was born from extensive research and networking. We've fostered a dynamic community, connecting Instructors, Officers, and Mentors who understand these challenges intimately and are journeying through similar paths.

This has culminated in the creation of a peer-to-peer support group that bolsters its members through every twist and turn. Our community thrives on mutual accountability, unwavering support, and collective encouragement, offering a momentum that's unparalleled.

Modern Fire Instructor's membership is designed to grant you access to this formidable network. Dive into a realm where peers support one another in a controlled and conducive environment. The addition of exclusive tools, invaluable resources, continuous training, and LIVE events further elevate the experience!

Our foundationsĀ started in St. Louis, Missouri, and we draw from an extensive reservoir of fireĀ professionalsĀ with more than five decades of experience inĀ leadership, training and educational technology.

Our mission is to continuously innovate and share this collective wisdom with Instructors & Training Officers everywhere.

With Modern Fire Instructor, you're not navigating the path alone. We've traversed the same challenges and are here to guide you towards monumental training successes. Let us help you to amplify your fire service career, life balance, and beyond.