A Little About Me

I have been in the Fire & EMS service for the past 24 years as both a Paramedic & Firefighter. I currently hold the rank of Captain. I have always had a passion for teaching, educational technology & developing systems to help people complete tasks more quickly & with less work whenever possible. 

In my role as an Instructor & Training Officer, I've seen first hand the struggles of finding the support and resources I needed and when I most needed them, so I could create the fire service career I wanted.

One HUGE problem I faced was my struggle to find Instructors & Training Officers who shared similar challenges, had similar goals, and were also ambitious about their career, and were passionate about balancing career and family.

My solution came after spending huge amounts of time figuring out how to identify and connect with other Instructors, Officers & Mentors who understood my challenges and were on a similar journey themselves.

Once I discovered other Instructors like me, we created a peer to peer group that supported each other through thick and thin. The accountability, support, and encouragement we shared provided each of us with additional momentum and confidence to overcome challenges. We could not have accomplished on our own.

Providing this same opportunity to Instructors like you is my passion and our membership makes it possible for you to experience the power of peers in a controlled and safe environment. The additional benefit of tools, resources, ongoing training, and LIVE events take it to the next level!

I reside in St. Louis, Missouri with my wife, Gina and our two college age kids. My diverse fire service career plus more that 15-years of training & education technology experience have been invaluable to me and I'm always looking for new ways to share my experiences with Instructors & Training Officers just like you!

I have walked in your shoes and faced the very same challenges. I guide you down a path of even bigger training successes and help you pour fuel on your fire service career, life balance, and beyond.

See you Inside!