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5 Challenges we face as Instructors & Training Officers

Can you relate to these?

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Difficulty getting everyone to your training sessions?

Getting all of our members to training sessions can be a real challenge for training staff. Things like call volume, vacation, other department activities... Not to mention the current COVID situation can really make it touch to get our required training completed.

Consistent training delivery across all shifts & On budget?

 Often times it is difficult to deliver training on multiple shifts and maintain a consistent message and experience for all members. Learn how to provide consistency with the message related to training sessions. Within your new flipped training system, you will be able to come in on budget while providing a fresh and dynamic experience for your members. 

Flexibility & "Buy-In" for your members & Staff? 

As adult learners with work and life responsibilities facing our members, it is often a requirement to be flexible when it comes to department training. It is imperative that we are able to provide some flexibility to our members. We also must strive to ensure "Buy-In" to the department mission & training goals from our members .

Maximizing hands on training for your members?

 Without a doubt one of our biggest requests as training staff is to provide more "hands on stuff". This can prove a difficult thing to do in practice. By learning ways to streamline other training and maximize the use of our limited face to face time, you can provide more hands on training to your members on a consistent basis. 

Leveraging technology tools into your training?

By learning to leverage technology tools in your training system , you will be able to provide a more immersive and "On Demand" training experience that your members will love. 

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Benefits of Membership:

  • The only program that exclusively supports Fire Instructors, like you, with ongoing tools, training, and a distraction-free and safe community of like-minded Instructors & Training Officers.
  • Fresh content added each month (training, resources, masterclasses, etc), which increases the value of your founder's membership
  • You are part of a diverse cohort of member Instructors who support each other, invest in each other, and exchange ideas and solutions about business and life
  • Private community only accessible to paid members, which creates a purposeful dynamic not found on Social Media
  • Monthly LIVE Zoom calls for Q&A  & training, all recorded and uploaded to our community for those who cannot attend live
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Who We Are:

Modern Fire Instructor is deeply rooted in over four decades of dedicated service to the Fire & EMS community. We understand the integral roles that Paramedics, Firefighters, and Captains play, as we've been forged from these very foundations.

At the heart of our business is an unwavering commitment to the power of education, advanced technology, and the development of efficient systems that make you a more effective and competitive fire professional.

Recognizing the hurdles faced by many Instructors & Training Officers in sourcing the right support and resources, Modern Fire Instructor emerged as a beacon for those seeking to sculpt a rewarding and growth focused career in the fire service.

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Our Mission to Serve You Starts Here!

Our four-point success path helps you maximize your potential, accelerate your career, and return balance to your life.

  1. Community, community, community! Our community of peer Instructors will support each other like nowhere else, all in a private, simple, and distraction-free virtual environment

  2. Tools and resources that save you time and help you train your members more effectively

  3. New content added each month, such as ed tech training, Instructor Development training, topical masterclasses, and other tools/resources

  4. LIVE Zoom Q&A/Office Hour calls, all recorded and posted inside the membership community

  5. Access to our growing membership content and community of Instructors & Training Officers 24 X 7 X 365. When you most want it and based on your career and family priorities
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Frequently Asked Questions

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