MFI Episode 24: Creating Interactive Training Sessions Using Near Miss & Line of Duty Death Reports

by Frank Lipski on December 11, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.30.20 PMCDC / NIOSH Line of Duty Death Reports

When looking for Line of Duty Death Reports the first stop should be the CDC / NIOSH website located at These reports can prove to be invaluable for training officers and instructors who want to create high quality, targeted training.  Reports are released within 6-12 months after the incident in most cases.  These reports consist of event details, contributing factors, along with demographic information of the department & detailed scene photos.

National Near Miss Reporting SystemScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.31.19 PM

There is great value in learning about near miss incidents that other agencies have had.  The national near miss reporting system can be found at .  The reports here are organized by type of incident, using categories and tags.  There is also a nice feature on the site that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds of any category on the site, so as an example you can request to be notified whenever there is a “technical rescue” near miss, or any other specific category.


Creating Interactive Training for You’re Members

1. Create interactive video lessons based on the details of the LODD / Near Miss reports.

2. Create quizzes to verify student understanding of the base material.

3. Create a list of discussion questions that will encourage engagement of crews (Lead by Company Officer).

4. Members evaluate still alarm area for structures or neighborhoods that contain similar structures.

5. Members suggest and training or policy changes that may need to be re-evaluated for updates.

6. Members participate in targeted hands on training related to the events from the incident report.


Line of Duty Death, and Near Miss Reports are a great tool for you to utilize when training you’re members, and provide a wonderful way to incorporate current fire scene and event situations into your training.  Do more than just pick a report and hand it out… You need to make this training engaging and interactive so that the intended message is retained by all members.


Online Group Training Program

If you are interested in creating a successful “Flipped Training Program” at your department, this course is for you.  During this highly interactive 4 week online training program, I walk you step by step through all of the skills you will need to create you’re own program.  This program also provided unlimited access, and consulting for your individual situation during the entire 4 weeks of the program.  You can get more information about the next session starting on January 5th, 2015 by Clicking This Link.

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