MFI 20: My 2 Must Have Tools to Create Amazing Presentations & Image Graphics

by Frank Lipski on October 22, 2014


Create amazing visual presentations with ease using Haiku Deck

Those of you who have been following my page for a while know that I am not a fan of bullet points in a presentation, and I am always looking for haikuways to make instructors more creative when it comes to presentation design.  Well this is my favorite tool to help instructors break away from Powerpoint or Keynote to explore their creative side.  The application is available on the web, and as an iOS application.

You can use Haiku Deck to quickly and easily crate amazing visual presentations that can be saved to the web, or downloaded to your  computer or iPad.  The power comes in with the pre built features that allow you to quickly layout your design, and also search for free high quality images that are free to use in your presentation.  The ability to take the focus off the “technical” work at hand, and just create a great talk is a skill that all modern fire instructors must understand.

Haiku Deck:

Create stunning web & print graphics in minutes with Canva

I find myself needing to crate web images, graphics, flyers, certificates and many other small graphic projects all the time.  Using you Canva.comcan quickly crate stunning web images, infotgraphics, social media images, and much more.  The canva app is available online at

The  beauty again is that you don’t have use all of your own images (you can if you want to thought).  Instead you can purchase “tokens” via the app store that will allow you to have in-app purchase of images and themes.  There are also plenty of free images available also for you to use in your graphic creation.

Both of these tools allow me to be creative and efficient when creating graphics, flyers, or presentations.  You will be very happy once you have these two applications in your instructor toolbox and can apply them to all of your  specific tasks.    Please comment below this episode to share your thoughts and feelings on these apps we have discussed.


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